Billing Information

Your Billing Statement

Introducing Your New Statement
At Southwoods Health, we are devoted to finding new and innovative ways to perfect the patient experience. Based on feedback received from our patients, we are providing a consolidated statement for all of your hospital and physician services. We hope you like our new look!

  1. Questions?
    Customer service representatives are available to answer any billing related questions at 330-729-8086.
  2. Payment Options/Message
    These are some of the payment options that are available to you as well as important messages, including information about our new online payment portal.
  3. myEasyMatch Code
    A number unique to your statement that allows us to identify your specific account and properly address your electronic delivery or payment needs.
  4. Guarantor Name
    The name of the individual who is financially responsible for amounts owed. This may or may not be the patient. For example, this could be the parent’s name for a minor child.
  5. Account Details
    Details of each specific account, or instance of care, for the patient and the date(s) services were provided. This is broken down into Hospital Services and Professional Services, and can include all of Southwoods Health’s family of facilities.
  6. Account Status
    Details regarding the status of each specific account, or instance of care.
  7. Amount Owed
    Total amount owed for all accounts on the statement.

Questions About Your Bill
If you have questions about your bill, co-payment requirements or any other benefits, please contact your insurance carrier directly.

Southwoods Customer Service Representatives are available for consultation at 330-729-8086.

Pay Your Bill

Secure Online Bill Pay
Online bill pay is a secure electronic service that allows patients to pay bills online quickly, securely and conveniently. Southwoods Health’s online bill pay allows patients to make a one-time payment quickly and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a credit card, checking account or savings account.

All you need is a copy of the statement you want to pay, where you will find your statement-specific, unique ‘myEasyMatch Code.’
By entering your ‘myEasyMatch Code’ plus your billing zip code, you can view your statement balance and make a full or partial payment.
Benefits include 24/7 access to make payments on your account, as well as sign up for paperless statements and bill pay reminders.

Click here to pay your bill online.

Online Bill Pay Portal