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Billing & Insurance Information

Southwoods accepts most major insurance carriers and encourages you to contact your carrier directly, prior to receiving services, for the most accurate estimate of out-of-pocket costs.

You are expected to pay co-payments required by your health insurance plan at the time of services. Southwoods will bill your primary insurance for you. If you have secondary insurance coverage, we will bill that carrier after your primary insurance benefits are processed. As a patient, you assume responsibility for paying any charges that your insurance carrier denies or does not pay.

For a list of accepted insurances or to speak with our Financial Clearance Team, please callĀ 330-965-5200Ā or emailĀ [email protected].

Our Commitment to Price Transparency

The Surgical Hospital at Southwoods is committed to working with consumers, insurance companies and policymakers to promote price transparency in support of better health, more cost effective services and patient-centered care. The hospitalā€™s charges are compiled in the same manner for all patients, but please be aware that charge information by itself is not a good indicator in determining how much you may ultimately pay for a given service. A patientā€™s individual financial responsibility may vary depending on the agreements that are negotiated between the hospital and a particular insurance company as well as the out-of-pocket responsibilities that are associated with each health insurance plan. Similarly, charges can differ from patient to patient for similar services, depending on the time and intensity of services, treatments performed and/or supplies used during the procedure.

If you are interested in obtaining an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs, click on the link below to access our online price estimator tool.

Additionally, you can contact our Financial Clearance Team atĀ 330-965-5200Ā or emailĀ [email protected].

No Surprises Act

Balance Billing Protections

The No Surprises Act protects patients from unexpected surprise bills for out-of-network emergency services and certain non-emergency services when provided at an in-network health care facility.

Click below to learn more about your rights and protections against surprise medical bills.

Good Faith Estimates for Uninsured and Self-Pay Patients

The No Surprises Act requires health care providers to provide Good Faith Estimates to patients who do not have health insurance or who are electing to not use their insurance.

Click below to learn more about your right to a good faith estimate.

For inquiries related to the No Surprises Act, contact our Financial Clearance Team atĀ 330-965-5200 or email [email protected].

Pay Your Bill

Secure Online Bill Pay

Online bill pay is a secure electronic service that allows patients to pay bills online quickly, securely and conveniently. Southwoods Healthā€™s online bill pay allows patients to make a one-time payment quickly and securely 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a credit card, checking account or savings account.

All you need is a copy of the statement you want to pay, where you will find your statement-specific, unique myEasyMatch Code. By entering your myEasyMatch Code plus your billing zip code, you can view your statement balance and make a full or partial payment. Benefits include 24/7 access to make payments on your account, as well as sign up for paperless statements and bill pay reminders.

Pay by Phone

If youā€™d like to make a payment by phone, you can callĀ 330-729-8086. Pay by phone is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your Billing Statement

Introducing Your New Statement

At Southwoods Health, we are devoted to finding new and innovative ways to perfect the patient experience. Based on feedback received from our patients, we are providing a consolidated statement for all of your hospital and physician services. We hope you like our new look!

  1. Questions?
    Customer service representatives are available to answer any billing related questions atĀ 330-729-8086Ā orĀ [email protected].
  2. Payment Options/Message
    These are some of the payment options that are available to you as well as important messages, including information about our new online payment portal.
  3. myEasyMatch Code
    A number unique to your statement that allows us to identify your specific account and properly address your electronic delivery or payment needs.
  4. Guarantor Name
    The name of the individual who is financially responsible for amounts owed. This may or may not be the patient. For example, this could be the parentā€™s name for a minor child.
  5. Account Details
    Details of each specific account, or instance of care, for the patient and the date(s) services were provided. This is broken down into Hospital Services and Professional Services, and can include all of Southwoods Healthā€™s family of facilities.
  6. Amount Owed
    Total amount owed for all accounts on the statement.

Financial Assistance

Southwoods Health participates in the Ohio HCAP program and provides care without charge for hospital visits for qualifying individuals.

To qualify, an individual must complete an application and satisfy all of the requirements listed below:
1. Be a resident of the state of Ohio
2. Not an active Medicaid recipient at the time of service
3. Provide proof of income
4. Be part of a family whose income is at or below the currentĀ Federal Poverty GuidelinesĀ or you are covered by theĀ Disability Assistance Program

To obtain an application or to speak with one of our customer service representatives, please callĀ 330-729-8086Ā or emailĀ [email protected].

Questions About Your Bill

If you have questions about your bill, co-payment requirements or any other benefits, please contact your insurance carrier directly.
Southwoods customer service representatives are available for consultation by phone atĀ 330-729-8086Ā or emailĀ [email protected].

Click below for information about Provider Based Billing.