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For patients who have not achieved their desired level of pain relief through more conservative measures, Southwoods has assembled an expert team of board certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeons to offer surgical solutions.

Although most patients will experience improvements in their pain without the need for surgery, when it is determined surgical intervention is required, the Southwoods Pain & Spine Center is positioned to deliver these services right here in our community.

Our spine specialists help patients understand the best surgical options to provide relief using the latest minimally invasive and advanced surgical approaches. From conservative treatment all the way through surgery, Southwoods is committed to providing truly comprehensive care to help patients who have been living with persistent back pain.

Common Conditions

Common Procedures

Discectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove the herniated portion of the disc that is a source of pain or discomfort. Discectomies can be performed in the Cervical, Thoracic or Lumbar regions of the spine.

Cervical Disc Replacement/Arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that includes removing a damaged or degenerated cervical disc and replacing it with an artificial device.

There are different types of fusions based on several factors such as the part of the spine involved, placement of the incisions and the parts of the vertebra that are initially fused. All fusions include the use of a graft that is made of bone material and stimulates healing by encouraging the two bones to heal together.

Cervical Spinal Fusion is a surgical procedure that joins specific bones in the neck.

Lumbar Fusion is a surgical procedure that joins specific bones in the lower portion of the spine.

Spinal Fusion can be done with open surgery or by using a minimally invasive technique. The exact steps depend on the type of spinal fusion that is being done.

Laminectomy is a procedure that removes a portion of the vertebral bone called the lamina. Removing this back portion of a vertebra covering the spinal cord creates space, which relieves pressure on the spinal cord or nerves.

Dependent on their diagnosis, some patients may be candidates for Minimally Invasive Procedures. This type of procedure is done through smaller incisions, and the goal is less post-operative pain, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery times.

Vertebral Augmentation (or Kyphoplasty) is a procedure designed to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with vertebra fractures and restoring them to their proper placement.

The sacroiliac (SI) joint is located at the bottom of the spine and connects the hip bones to the sacrum (a triangular bone between the lumbar spine and tailbone). SI Joint Fusion is a procedure that helps eliminate movement of that joint, which can be a cause of chronic pain for patients.

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