There are many misconceptions about breast cancer. Make sure you know the truth.

The Center for Breast Health in Boardman

The Southwoods Center for Breast Health offers the area’s most advanced diagnostic technology in the healing hands of our expert professionals providing an unparalleled patient experience. The innovative technology is complemented by a specialized network of physicians and staff that understand the needs of our patients. Just like every other Southwoods facility, the staff treats patients as if they were family – with consideration and kindness.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. That means one out of every eight females we know - our wives, mothers, sisters and friends - could be at risk.

Innovative Imaging Technology That Can Save Lives

The Southwoods Center for Breast Health’s advanced 3D mammography (Tomosynthesis) significantly increases the detection of breast cancer and offers more comfortable testing (through the SmartCurve™ breast stabilization system), faster scan times and less radiation exposure. There are other services used in combination with a mammogram that are often required for an accurate diagnosis – and Southwoods offers all of these services in one location. The convenience of having this state-of-the-art diagnostic testing in one place helps ensure our patients’ peace of mind.

Our innovative technology includes:

Produces a high-resolution electronic image of the breast that can be enhanced by computer technology. When compared to traditional, analog mammography, digital mammograms provide sharper images.
A technologically advanced screening tool that uses three-dimensional imaging for early breast cancer detection. Tomosynthesis allows physicians to pinpoint the location, shape and size of abnormalities with more accuracy while providing clearer, more detailed views.
Breast MRI uses radio waves and strong magnets, instead of radiation, to create very detailed pictures of the inside of the breast. It is typically utilized in women who are at high risk for breast cancer and meet certain criteria. It can also be used to help determine the extent of breast cancer.
An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images of breast anatomy and any possible tumors. Elastography can be used to help in designating between malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) tissue without having to utilize radiation.
If a diagnostic image reveals a suspicious abnormality, a minimally invasive breast biopsy may be recommended. This non-surgical outpatient procedure is used to obtain tissue samples to determine if the abnormality is cancerous. For the patient’s convenience, this procedure can be performed at the Southwoods Center for Breast Health, rather than at a hospital, to expedite a more definitive diagnosis in a shorter amount of time.
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Comprehensive, Coordinated Care

Complementing the center’s world-class amenities and innovative technology is a specialized network of expert physicians and staff that understand the needs of our patients and are focused on delivering timely and dependable results. If an abnormality is found, physicians and radiologists collaborate to ensure patients receive the care they need.

The national average of time spent from Breast Cancer detection to definitive treatment plan is 4 weeks. At Southwoods, patients go from diagnosis to treatment in Days, Not Weeks.

Compassionate Nurse Navigators

Managing a complicated medical issue can be scary and overwhelming, but Southwoods offers our patients Nurse Navigators who will help guide them through the emotional and physical journey of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Recognizing each patient has a unique set of circumstances, our Nurse Navigators focus on personalized care and emphasize relentless attention to detail. Every patient with a possible cancer diagnosis has the opportunity to utilize this service.

Southwoods specifically trained Nurse Navigators advocate on the patient's behalf and are available to:

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