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Pediatric Surgery

There is nothing more specialized than the care and treatment we provide to our youngest patients. Caring for thousands of pediatric patients, ranging from nine months to 18 years of age, Southwoods has tailored our experience in outpatient services to accommodate the unique needs of this age group. Southwoods has established a new standard in every aspect of pediatric care from specially designed pre- and post-operative areas to our staff being uniquely trained in the latest pediatric anesthesia and nursing techniques.

As a parent, you can take comfort in knowing that Southwoods performs more outpatient pediatric surgical procedures than any other local provider. We feel setting expectations and providing easy-to-understand information is essential when preparing for your child’s procedure. To that end, we offer individual pediatric tours that can be scheduled in advance of the procedure to introduce your child to our services and dedicated caregivers.

Exceptionally Skilled at performing a wide variety of pediatric procedures, including:

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