Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine

Different than most imaging tests, Nuclear Medicine studies are important in showing the function of specific organs, tissues or bones inside of the body to help diagnose and treat a variety of health problems. Nuclear Medicine studies can be performed on both adults and children.

Using special radiopharmaceutical tracers, these studies are often used to identify abnormalities very early in the progression of a disease – long before some medical problems become apparent. Safe and painless, Nuclear Medicine is a valuable tool to help gather information that may otherwise be unavailable. Southwoods Imaging is your resource to aid in the early detection and treatment of complex health problems.

Nuclear medicine machine

Helps Diagnose

  • check-mark-1Hyperthyroidism
  • check-mark-1Thyroid cancer
  • check-mark-1Lymphomas
  • check-mark-1Bone pain from some types of cancer
  • check-mark-1Renal, gallbladder, digestive and liver function
  • check-mark-1Evaluation of heart muscle function and measurement of blood output
  • check-mark-1Evaluation of artificial joint replacements for the diagnoses of loosening, pressure related stress fractures and infections around the joint
  • check-mark-1Infection and cancer localization
  • check-mark-1Demonstrate structural changes in bone resulting from trauma, cancers, athletic related injuries and other bone related diseases – as well as pain when conventional x-rays appear normal


Risk Factors

  • check-mark-1Low radiation exposure
  • check-mark-1May be harmful if pregnant or breastfeeding

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