Outpatient Surgery

About 75% of elective procedures performed in the United States currently occur in an outpatient setting. This number is expected to steadily increase in the next decade. Southwoods has established itself as the area leader in providing comprehensive outpatient surgery by offering patient-focused, cost-effective and highly efficient services.

With a shared commitment to supporting each patient’s individual needs, Southwoods performs a wide variety of outpatient procedures ranging from common outpatient surgeries to the most advanced, minimally invasive surgical approaches available.

Inpatient Surgery

With patient satisfaction scores and outcomes data placing Southwoods in the top 1% of all hospitals in the nation, we are uniquely qualified to perform more complex surgeries requiring an inpatient hospital stay. Southwoods provides highly qualified nurses and a full range of medical resources to ensure your inpatient medical needs are addressed.

Dedication to patients and their families is the main focus at Southwoods ‚Äď we want your stay to be a comfortable one.

Specialized Resources to perform surgical procedures from virtually any specialty, including:

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