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Patient Services Navigator

Managing a healthcare issue can sometimes be complicated. It is easy to become overwhelmed and feel like you are in over your head, but you are not alone. Southwoods Health offers patients a program to help guide them.

The Patient Services Navigator program features a specially trained Navigator advocating on the patient’s behalf. Our Navigator has a long history of helping patients on their emotional and physical journey through the complicated healthcare maze.

Since each patient has a unique set of circumstances, the Patient Services Navigator focuses on personalized care. Every Southwoods patient has the opportunity to utilize this program and there are no charges for this service.

The Navigator is available to:

  • Advocate for the patient and their family to ensure any questions, concerns and clinical issues are resolved to their satisfaction.
  • Enhance the coordination of care and communication by collaborating with the patient’s physician and healthcare team.
  • Explain available resources and connect the patient with community organizations and health care agencies, based on the patient’s individual needs.
  • Serve as a point of contact for the patient, providing comfort, support and encouragement throughout the continuum of care.

Services Available

Possible Patient Scenarios

  • Patient receives disability and needs connected to legal assistance, but cannot afford to pay a lawyer.
  • Patient has transportation issues.
  • Patient needs assistance with utility services.
  • Patient does not have insurance but qualifies for Medicaid and does not know how to go about applying for it.
  • Patient needs assistance expediting scheduling within different departments at Southwoods.
  • Patient concerned about doctor being out-of-network with their insurance. Afraid they will be unable to afford their procedure.
  • Patient needs linked to community resources for mental health or addiction treatment.
  • Patient has Alzheimer’s and family member needs help finding a long-term care facility.