Men’s Health Month – Symptoms Men Shouldn’t Ignore

June is Men’s Health Month, which helps foster awareness of and conversations about the health issues all men face. According to a survey by the American Academy of Family Physicians, 38% of men go to the doctor only when they’re extremely sick or when symptoms don’t go away on their own. While some symptoms may […]

Why You Need a Primary Care Physician

Focusing on your overall health is important for anyone no matter your age or current health status. While living a healthy lifestyle is crucial, having a primary care physician that you see regularly is also key to leading a healthy life. A primary care physician, or “PCP”, can be the doctor you see for everyday […]

Arthritis Awareness Month – Why You Should See a Rheumatologist

The month of May is Arthritis Awareness Month, a great time to educate yourself and spread awareness on the common condition that affects over 58 million Americans each year. Sufferers can experience debilitating pain and stiffness in their joints, limited mobility and a lower quality of life. Arthritis is the most common reason for disability, […]