Healthy Recipes for Your Fourth of July BBQ

The summer season is in full swing and Fourth of July celebrations are upon us! We all know the importance of a healthy diet in keeping our bodies in shape, but we also know how delicious food can be…especially at a barbecue. As you celebrate Independence Day this year, focus on healthy recipes using fresh […]

Dos & Don’ts of Summertime Safety

Summer is finally here! With warmer temperatures and blue sunny skies, we spend much more time outside. While enjoying this time of year, it is important to prioritize safety for yourself and your family. Whether you’re headed to the beach, traveling to the mountains or just celebrating in your own backyard, here are a few […]

Five Types of Exercises Every Man Should Do to Stay Healthy

June is Men’s Health Month, a time to foster awareness and have conversations about the health issues all men face and ways to prevent or treat them. A crucial element to staying healthy is staying active and getting regular exercise. Physical activity offers numerous benefits, ranging from improved cardiovascular health to enhanced mental health. Keep […]